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Originally Posted by EEBreh View Post
I snagged a used one on here for $125. Overall, I like the gauge a lot. In response to you guys complaining about the OBDII cable, I found a little trick. Remove the one nut that holds on the lower plastic shield near the pedal assembly. You can then feed the serial cable up near where the female obdii connector is. The male connector then is facing the correct side and the cable is folded once and then goes up to the vent. It fits a lot better.
Know this was from a long time ago, and I hate people that bump old threads but...

I just installed a p3 in my M235 and the cable is really tight against the side kick panel. I dont see how feeding the cable differently would help.

Could you or someone who has this installed some pics? Do people just live /w the cable being basically folded at a 90 degree angle?