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I own both cars.
The m235i is an all around better car.
The BMW is very well balanced and easy to drive. This version of the n55 is also a very sweet engine. I think the m235i is one of the best cars you can get in this price range. A base Cayman can be had for a little more if you order a stripper. I had a base 2011 Cayman and even though it was low on power and torque. It was extremely fun car to drive at 10/10ths. I imagine the new body style Cayman is even better.
The CLA45 is rougher around the edges, has flaws, but is more fun than the m235i. The engine is amazing. The transmission is actually very fun in Manual mode. The other modes, not so much. When you drive spiritedly in manual mode, the CLA45 will pop, snort and fart like crazy, well I do have the AMG Performance exhaust on my car. It sounds stupid, but the noises that this car makes are just addictive. It is definitely an imperfect car though and that is part of its charm.

In my opinion, if you watch the video of Chris Harris comparing the A45 to the M135, that is the best explanation, even though they are different but similar cars.