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I bought a car that was promised in perfect working order and 2 hours later it was abundantly clear it is not in perfect working order.

Driving home 4 hours down interstate 95 with no right tail light was not exactly a positive situation to find yourself in after paying a dealer 26 thousand US dollars...right I mean wouldn't you expect the car to work properly immediately off their lot? After being assured repeatedly it passed every safety inspection with flying colors? You don't find that the slightest bit dishonest?

I'm not rich this car basically cost every penny I have and no it doesn't have a warranty!

When someone is asking about how much it's going to cost to fix a problem it's probably because they are going to have to write a personal check for the expenses not claim it under warranty. Car is at 57,000 miles and the warranty ended at 50,000 so all parts and labor now get added to purchase cost.
You share in the blame here.

1) You allowed the dealer to push you without doing a thorough inspection of the car.

2) You bought a used BMW out of warranty.

3) You bought a used BMW out of warranty and it "cost every penny" you have. That is a monumental mistake. If you don't have AT LEAST $5K sitting in a rainy day fund to cover a repair, you could be in for a world of hurt with this car, especially xdrive which has known issues with the front differential/transfer case.

Call the selling dealer and see what they'll do for you, but be prepared for them to tell you the car was sold as used and as is. This car was very likely bought at auction. Your next option is to go to BMW and see if they'll goodwill warranty it. Your last option is to buy a new or used taillight.
I worked at client site in NYC doing IT work from 730a to 415pm, took an uber to penn station at rush hour, caught a sprinter train to Rutgers NJ, then paid for an uber to drive me to a dealership.

I got there at 7pm so we only had 1 hour to do the entire process. I tested and vetted everything in the parking lot quite thoroughly but in my mind a turn signal is a really basic application on a premium 60k car. Never once considered it a choke point on such a complicated organism. My attention was quite reasonably? Placed elsewhere.

I had to pick the car up that night or due to my travel schedule i would be able to come back for 2 months and by then it would likely be sold. I only paid 23,500 for a fully loaded 2016. To me that was awesome.

After doing all of the negotiations and paperwork (mentally exhausted from 2 weeks in NYC at a very challenging client) I then had to climb in the cockpit and drive home 3.5 hours to DC.

The next morning I had to start manual labor/logistics of merging two houses into one apartment.

So yes, paying 26,000 to have a rudimentary system malfunction as I drove it off the lot after being promised safety was the number one priority in their inspections seemed a little unfair to me.

Clearly I will be keeping my BMW related experiences to my self next time after the response this thread has generated.

I suppose thats what I get for sharing my life with strangers on a network of computers. Thought this was a fun place to shoot the breeze but apparently its not.
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