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Like any LCD screen, the key thing is to be gentle. It's soft plastic, not glass.

You are on the right track with a micro-fiber cloth. You can use a bit more than drop of water, but you want the cloth to be barely damp. Wet enough to feel damp, but not wet enough that dragging it across the screen leaves any fluid behind. If there is something gunky on the screen, the trick is to get it wet/soft with repeated light passes of the cloth until it starts to come free. Be patient, and don't rub/scrub.

If there is something greasy that water alone isn't getting off, a tiny bit of an interior cleaner sprayed on the cloth can help. Follow that up with a plain water damp cloth to clear away any chemicals. Do NOT spray any cleaner directly on the screen. And especially stay away from any harsh window cleaners with ammonia. (Most automotive window cleaners omit ammonia just because they are sprayed around the interior plastic.)
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