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Originally Posted by chad86tsi View Post
Even if we charged the tesla for free with rainbow and unicorn energy, a Corolla is only using ~$2047 a year in fuel

Data for this figure: 2022 corolla rated MPG = 31/40 city/highway, 33 combined. Average it to 33 MPG at 15,000 miles a year is 455 gallons. Even at current record gas prices of $4.50, it's $2027 in annual fuel cost. If gas went back to $2.50 we ar elooking at $1127

At $2000 a year in fuel cost, it takes 15 years and 210,000 miles to save that $30K price delta. And this assumes electricity is free. Mine isn't.
Using a corolla hybrid:

24K purchase
53 MPG
15,000 miles per year
283 gallons per year
@$4.50 = $1273 per year
@$2.50 = $707 Per year

vs:, $50K EV that runs on free electricity:
@$4.50 = $1273 = 20 years and 295,000 miles
@$2.50 = $707 = 35 years and 525,000 miles

I looked up the average cost to drive a model 3, ~$0.03 per mile, so $450 per year at 15,000 miles. Using that figure, breakeven is at 97 years and 1.5 million miles compared to $2.50 gas in a Corolla hybrid.

Hybrids aren't that bad to drive, I put 180K on one from 2009 to 2018, and it only cost $4k more on the purchase price over the regular base engine. It has more horse power and lots more torque too.
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