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Originally Posted by Miata13 View Post
This was my experience as well with the MPSS * spec a recent track day driving school, started with 38psi (cold) in the fronts just to minimize sidewall rollover. This helped to minimize the extreme rollover I'd get with "more normal" 32 front tire PSI.
The BMW Star Spec versions of the Michelin MPSS actually have a lower load rating and a softer sidewall than the standard MPSS. Definitely not great for track. The newer PS4S are actually a bit stiffer, and I know several people who run them on the track and say they are much better. Still not a real track tire, but better than the old * MPSS. There are Star spec PS4S that are optimized for the 3/4 chassis, but I don't think they are available in a size we can readily use on the 2. They are more optimized for heavier cars and are better on track.

I just got a set of the PS4S for street tires. They are definitely firmer than the * MPSS, with really nice initial turn-in and grip for things like fast lane changes. But they are just as quiet and refined as the old * MPSS for everything else.

I use Hankook RS4 as my track tire, mainly because they are bullet proof. But, I hate using them on the street. They are LOUD. That is an issue with all of the 200TW track oriented tires. None of them will be as quiet as the 300TW tires like the PS4S or Conti Extreme. That may not be important to you, but it is to me. The best thing about this car is that it's a comfy luxury coupe around town, and if the tires are howling that really detracts from the 'luxury' vibe.
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