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Thank you for posting this!

Removing my rambling, but leaving this helpful info on how locking incentives works on orders.

Originally Posted by hyperzulu View Post
Here is how it works. The programs are issued through bulletins. These bulletins run from beginning of month to the end of month. Usually starting on the 1st and running for 30 to 31 days. When you are approved, you are eligible for rates of the current bulletin and you are also locked for a period of 60 days on the east coast and 90 days on the west. The 60 days in your case begins at the END of the current bulletin period. So, for September that would be September 30. That means you have 60 days from September 30 to choose from. As long as you sign for your car within that timeframe, you will be able to choose September, October or November rates... whichever works best for you. Judging by past incentives, November is probably best, as you should see some holiday credits and such, but nobody would know for sure.

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