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The other day i was wiping the wheel with commercial grade all interior cleaner.
The first pass was like wiping across the wheel with MF cloth and cleaner sprayed into the cloth. However was not satisfied with the first pass and not much of dirt showed on the cloth. So i went with a 2nd pass went from wiping to scrubbing the wheel with MF cloth and using palm grip pressure, looked into the MF and a good amount of black stain on the cloth thinking it did the job, when i looked into the steering wheel on that particular spot, the color was faded (a little grey to brown tint) and matted. So i stopped the palm grip scrubbing scared that i stripped something out.
My question is, are these leather on the wheel painted? and why is that black stain on the MF cloth and fading on the wheels occurred?
looking at that spot after few hours drying, the color restored to a bit but still u can tell there is something wrong on that spot.
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