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Originally Posted by rvt1000 View Post
I neglected my steering wheel to long and I think I may have jacked the leather finish, that or I need a better cleaner.

I've been real good about keeping the car clean and I didn't really need to do a detail clean but i think I may have screwed the pooch on the wheel.

As I was finishing up the interior windows I used the rag and cleaner to try and get the grime from my hands off with that rag and cleaner. Intending to immediately go in and grab the Meguiars leather cleaner and protectant to finish the job. Well both places that were soiled are now not shiny at all. See pics below.

Can anyone tell me it I did strip the finish or is it just need a different cleaner?
If I did strip it is there any way retreat/coat it or do I just have to get it re-wrapped?

Suggestions for what to use in the future to clean??

As always thanks in advance for your replies.
I have a good condition steering.wheel I planned to send to Cody for a wrap. maybe we can do a swap, since I don't need it to be nice under the wrap.
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