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Originally Posted by SCOTT26
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I'm just not feeling the proportions of the 1-Coup/2-series. While this is a bit of an improvement from the old 1-Coup, it still looks too fat/bulky. Nothing at all like the old 3-series cars E30/E36/E46. BMW should either; make the car a bit longer, stretch the roofline a bit (like the 4-Coup), or reduce the height of the side-panels of the car (from the windows to the ground basically).
There is additional padding underneath the bodywork to disguise the surface work of the car. In reality it mixes the lines with the 4er Coupe bigger brother with the bloodline of the 1er so it embodies design DNA from both.
Never write off a model when seen in this stage because they disguise every aspect so well because they know there will be extensive debate and coverage on each model.

The "car park" is where the first prototypes go to testing and employees who evaluate them after being approved for public testing. The first models from the factory or FIZ are internally tested and stored in the underground car parks of the FIZ before being driven under the cover of darkness or trucked to an internal location.

When a vehicle is in its first stages of production evaluation they then give them to BMW employees to report and evaluate the cars , especially on periods of long distance travelling.

I am taking a 320d GT for our annual Christmas/ski-trip to Switzerland where I want to see if the car retains the sporting edge and all round ability of a 3er with the refinement and interior attributes of the larger 5er GT? So far the "Luxury line" model is very well built and detailed with few more individual interior detail touches over the equivalent 3er Sedan and Touring. The driving position is absolutely spot-on with a clear view of the road.

Spy photographers would have a field day there , especially when you consider income to be made. Yes that is an Estoril Blue 1er CAT. A lot of others cars reside there such as the M5 LCi and M Performance 650d Gran Coupe.
Scott, very interested to hear your impressions of the 3GT after your trip - your questions are exactly what I am wondering; ie, if it handles like a 3er with a little more luxury interior, that could be a winner - from the pics I actually thought the M Sport looked ok, though always hard to tell until you see it in the metal!

Very much looking forward to hearing your impressions.