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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
Yes, not factual......for one there are no 1Ms running around the neighborhood. you never see one, they are extremely rare. Second, the performance might be on par but not the experience. The 1M was loud..with real exhaust sound not digital track enhanced. Braking performance might be on par for 1 or two stops but the 1M had the M3 composite cross drilled floating disk design which dissipates heat better in multiple stops/track. it also came with Michelin PS2s not the better Pilot SuperSports on the 235i. Most 1Ms now have the Supersports. Also, the M235i is heavier than 1M which will eventually add to brake heat, etc. One real advantage of the 235i is the longer wheelbase and better aerodynamics. The 1M was a handful and would easily go sideways on you and at high speed, air would work against it.

This is one advantage of the new model. Also, the throttle response seems better too but that is the only advantage I see after driving both.

What the writer is saying is that the numbers are close...and how it gets those numbers is not that important. The excitement factor and sensory overload of the 1M is what makes it special even if eventually the newer digitally enhanced cars post better numbers. The whole character of the 1M was clearly defined as maybe not supercar fast, but exciting in real world situations.
So you're saying that the writer made up the story about him having a 1M in his neighborhood? That's strange. I see a black 1M on my commute weekly. It still looks great. For the advantages the 1M has, actual M suspension and fatter rubber, these cars are pretty much neck and neck.

I'm excited about the upcoming M2. It should be significantly better than the 1M with the suspension and tire upgrades, and an available DCT. Exciting times are ahead.