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Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
I apologize in advance if I came across argumentative (..if, indeed you perceived it that way). That isn't/wasn't my intention.

What I essentially mean is that BMW now has so many cars (..with increasingly silly nomenclature) that it almost feels like the brand is saturated.

does record sales = saturation? or... does it = giving many varied types of customers the exact vehicle that they want?

Personally.. I am not worried about saturation... Undersaturation.. overstaturation... Too many models.. too few models.. too many turbos... not enough normally aspirated.. too many M badges... too much M hype. that's all too high maintenance for me!

It's all very simple.
1- Are they building or planning to build the car I want to buy.
2- Do they have the money and resources to make the car I want.
3- do they have the ability to make the car I want perform the way I want.

I only can own a few vehicles at a time..... and it doesnt matter to me if they build 15 models I am not interested in as long as they make the one or two that I AM interested in.
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