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Originally Posted by TitanSteel View Post
Unfortunately, late-2015 is too late. Even if it is a million times better than the CLA / A3, BMW will be too late to the party. Honestly, this is no surprise as BMW is historically slow and overly conservative with product introductions that seem to be the most no-brainer. Not having a full 2-series stable of cars to bring to market was a massive mistake, and it will hurt the company.

As is not having an X7, nor a competitor to the fast-selling Infiniti JX (QX60), nor a Mercedes SL competitor, nor a competitive small sportscar...
The lateness of the 2er does not concern because we have been here before with the 6er Gran Coupe. Establish the market first and watch others make their mistakes , then introduce something that is radically different with greater appeal.
There are far too many manufactures who think BMW over their own originality, that eventually someone has to show them how it's done.

An X7 is coming , we should expect first movement next year to indicate that it is coming. The reason it is coming because it will provide a basis for a Rolls-Royce Crossover which this picture shows the styling direction of the new car and not just a Range Rover facsimile.

An extended wheelbase will allow for extensive passenger space at the equivalent of a 7er with like the X5 optional third row of seating. The design outline allows for a more Touring esque rear less upright than the new X5 and reminiscent of the first generation X5 in which the first generation X7 proposal was simply an extended X5 with lights similar to first E65 7er.

Since the rear section of the X7 will not hinder the third row as it will be further forward allowing a more dramatic sloping roof and raked tailgate which will integrate a rising glasshouse.
New X- family cues will include joint headlights to grille , with the kidney being much more wider to signify its status, three-dimensional character and surface lines that will broaden the wheel arches.

The RR will be a strict five or four seater , allowing for that space to accommodate the passenger area in pure luxury.
The styling will be typical of RR with a dominating Greek-Temple grille at the front, instead of a full hatch area as in the X7 the RR will receive a short deck like a sedan.

And due to advances in lighting technology X7 like the 7er will use LED and optional Laselight technology to implement slimmer light units front and rear. Also expected to be shared with the RR.

The interior will be straight from the upcoming 7er of surfaces and minimalism , with flat like surfaces as previewed on the BMW i8 sports car , although not identical as the 7er but in a more progressive form of the new BMW X5. Technology for driving assistance and Connectivity will be shared with the new 7er. The Rolls-Royce will have a more upright looking interior and a higher central console.

Both cars will share the same matrix as the 7er including the mix of material technology where the heaviest areas in the chassis will be formed using CFRP in amongst aluminium , lightened steel and magnesium. The Drivetrain will be shared with the RR being developed to drive and handle differently to the X7 although they are essentially , technically the same.
Both will use V12s for the flagship models with the RR expected from the Wraith.

As far as proposals stand for BMW. The projection dates confirm the new 7er for 2015 , additional variant - Coupe? For 2016 and X7 for 2017.

Rolls-Royce are expected to lead the ultimate luxury momentum with an all new Rolls-Royce Phantom providing an evolutionary but rounder look to the current car. But is not just an enlarged Ghost. Again Phantom will again be a series of models.
But Phantom is not going to be at the top. A more intimate Roadster based on the Phantom with a price tag to match its status.
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The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...