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Hey Dradernh

Good advice on the GoPro method. I will apply that wisdom next time I’m out! —
So I’m still easing into all this, but improving pretty quickly every time. I just have a feel for it and I know this is something I’ll be doing for as long as I can. There’s no urgency for me to get out and compete this year in Time Trials, but the more seat time I have, the deeper the addiction becomes, and the desire to race somebody is growing! lol.

Thinking about trying TT4 next year, although I admittedly do not know the full extent of the rules or requirements yet. Lots of time to get familiar while I continue the DE train. Yes, TT4 is 12#/RWHP and I feel confident the 228i can meet that with some choice modifications. As it stands, my car is just 3200lbs with many (U.S.) dynos showing the N20 around 230whp. The power bump would have to be closer to 40-50whp to make it work out correctly. The Bootmod3 remap should be capable of doing this without much fuss. I assume on-track weight includes me in the car, which brings it up to 3,380lbs.

My friend with the race spec FR-S who’s been doing this for years has driven my car and loves it so much he wants one. But he posed the question as to whether or not I thought it could be competitive, and I think the answer is yes! As long as I stay thin

GSR was onto something with their build a few years ago, they just pushed the N20 beyond its limits with 330ishwhp, blew it up, and bailed on the project. This is never going to be anything more than a 300whp car, tops, and it doesn’t need to be. This thing handles, regardless of pig status.

The idea with this car is a modern take on a E36 325i clubsport.

An engine tune, some safety mods, a Wavetrac LSD+Turner subframe bushings, KW suspension and driver mod and we’re good to go.
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