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Originally Posted by PeanuKeeyes View Post
I do have some onboard footage but I haven’t uploaded anything to YouTube in about 10 years! I think I’ll start a new channel this week. The GoPro was new out the box and I expected the battery to be charged, but it wasn’t. Someone loaned me a battery for my last outing of the day and by that time my brakes were giving me trouble, so no full-send footage, but I will definitely link what I have once it’s uploaded.

There were no other 2-series of any kind there the entire weekend that I saw. I walked the paddock several times over and nothing. Not even an M2! Shocking. — tons of spec E30, E46, spec Miata, some S2000’s, Lotus, Corvettes, etc. kind of standard issue appearances.
Great – looking forward to seeing whatever you can upload!

I had the same issue when I unboxed my first GoPro at the track. That was rather inconvenient as I'd hired three people for an open-lapping weekend and video & data reviews were a big part of evaluating how I was doing. We limped through with a single battery.

After learning the hard way, I bought enough batteries so that I had one freshly-charged for each day's session and a few charged back-ups. I also bought four of the SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC Class 10 flash memory cards (this was for a Hero 2 – no idea what current GoPros require). At a regular TT or HPDE event, those two sets of gear allowed me the option of waiting until I was back at the hotel for the night to download video and re-charge batteries. After getting out of the car and checking tire pressures, first thing I did was swap the memory cards and batteries and then put the camera back in the car, ready for the next session. One way to go at it, anyway.

I'm not surprised to hear there were no other 2 series that you saw. NASA is fairly hard-core, and our cars don't really fit that profile. The cars you've listed are generally a fair amount lighter than ours are to start with, and while I never spent time looking at how non-race cars at NASA NE events were built, I'd guess most of them have been lightened in one way or another, sometimes extensively. Weight is easily the biggest enemy of going around a track fast, although the Glen's a high-speed track and power can overcome that disadvantage, up to a point.

You mentioned TT4. I don't know how far you've gotten into this (and I'm too lazy to look it up right now), but do you happen to know the #/RWHP limit for the class? (I'm guessing 11-12#/RWHP.) On the required Dynojet, do you think the 30 RWHP you mentioned will raise you up to that limit? With the mods you envision having, what do you expect your car's on-track weight will be at that RWHP (if you've gotten that far)? I lived and breathed this stuff for a few years; if you think I can help in any way or you want to bounce an idea around, feel free to ask.
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