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Originally Posted by Haideezy View Post
I might have to look into the Oculus Rift since I only have desk space for dual monitors. At what point do your eyes start getting fatigued from the Oculus?
I ran the Rift S then the HP Reverb 2 before I went triples, so I have a bit of experience with VR...I had no issues with VR (motion sickness, etc) from the minute I put them on, and they felt great and immersive...having said that, if you haven't tried a pair yet, take it for a test drive before you commit, some people cannot use em due to motion sickness.

To answer your question, I really enjoyed VR, but I found myself doing more and more endurance racing and thats where I found it to be a bit of a drawback...I was fine doing 2 hour stints with them (then letting other drivers drive, which gave my eyes a break), aside from the heat and sweat, but anything longer became an issue...I did a 2-man 12 hour Sebring event in a GTE and took the first 4 stints in VR (4 hours + quali)...when I got out of it and ran to the washroom (4 hours is a long time, lol) and saw myself in the mirror, it was eyes were blood shot and extremely fatigued...I was done at that point and decided to invest in triples

VR is awesome, and I think if you grow your VR "legs", you can safely run 2 hour stints...anything more and I'd say it's not ideal if you care about your eye health...and I am no doctor, just seeing what I saw in the mirror that day was scary
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