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Same discussions as the e30 325 and M3. If your in the know you understand why the M3 is so much better than the 325is. An S version turbo 4 pot 2.5 liter would be something else. High RPM buzz bomb again that is the total package. It's not all about acceleration, it's about how much of that acceleration you can carry through the turn. ///M cars are about momentum driving not point and shoot driving like all these 35i models.

If you're in the know, you should understand that the 4 cylinder E30 M3 was quicker than the 6 cylinder 325i, even in a straight line. It's little inline four made over 200 horsepower and would eventually make ~240 when the 325i was only making 170 (I think).

All the rumors of a turbocharged four cylinder M2 have also pointed to ~350hp so, while I can understand someone's preference for a straight six (I like them a lot more than inline fours), there's no need to worry about acceleration performance. The M2 will be lighter and more powerful than the M235i.

Mercedes' CLA45 AMG's 2.0T motor is already known to make 354 horsepower, so I see no reason why BMW couldn't match or even exceed that.

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my m2

I would buy this immediately!