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Originally Posted by DistantTea View Post
That center channel speaker is trash. It's an L+R mono combined channel so its just pointless and murders the sound stage. Disconnecting it results in a significantly cleaner sound stage. I'm pretty sure it's mostly there for ASD and for HK buyers to think they have something fancy. We don't. It's a trash speaker in a trash location that ruins music.

Just. Say. No. and YANK that thing OUT, stat.

If an audio system really wants to call itself a surround system, it needs to not simply combine stereo channels into a mono channel and call it a center channel, because that's not really a channel at all. That's like sticking a 1980s boom box in mono mode on the coffee table in the middle of your home theater setup ...

... which, by extension, wouldn't have time correction applied properly, either, because the sum-of-two-stereo-channels signal it gets hasn't had proper correction applied. That's what messes up the soundstage the most.
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