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Originally Posted by lacroixboy View Post
How are you able to negotiate to 39k for 2018 m240is with only 4-5k miles?
Look up Rusnak BMW in Southern CA. They have an M240xi convertible with 6k miles listed at 42k. Fully loaded executive demo (so not an event car which are slammed to shit). If one cannot negotiate that down to 38k, one shouldn't be buying cars haha

But jokes aside, there are some non-CPO M240xis around easily in the 43k range listed, hanging around for days. These are usually ex demo cars with 5-7k miles on them. Not hard to get the price down to 39k.

In fact, there is a custom ordered Estoril Blue/Black 2018 M240xi in St. Paul, MN (about 15 miles from me), fully loaded, with only 7k miles, a set of summer wheels, and 5 yr ding protection by BMW listed at 44.5k. I got him down to $40k... He had just been on the market for a week when I started talking. Give him two more weeks and he will be willing to sell for 39k as his next month's payment come due.

So, it is possible.