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Originally Posted by celsdogg View Post
I thought when this car was announced BMW said it came with a dry sump. . .
That was some article on an enthusiast website that said that. I think it was a misconstrued statement. BMW stated the transmission is fitted with a dry-sump-like setup... not the engine. It's not even clear what transmission BMW was even referencing when they said that because the 1M gets fitted with a standard GS6-45bz 6MT. Maybe "dry-sump" jsut refers to how the 6MT gears sit in a small pool of oil and self-lubricate. Maybe it has to do with the DCT setup? 1M is fitted with a standard N54 engine that does not have any special oiling provisions (it was never outfitted for performance by the M division). Same pan and pickup as the standard N55. Only the M235iR homologated race engine got the M2/M3/M4 oiling system.

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