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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
My problem is that there should be a level of interior fit, finish and quality commensurate with the cost to pay. And hard plastics have no place in a car interior above $30,000, IMO. An interior that looks and feels decent at $30,000 kind of look and feels cheap at $50,000.

I guess that when BMW does product evaluation clinics they invite more people like you than people like me...
while i agree that hard plastics have no place - I think people who cross shop the bimmer with say the MB or Audi often misinterpret the dumbed down interior. It's one of the things that I think BMW continues to get right. One of the biggest selling points to me on this car is the simplistic, utilitiarian interior of a BMW. They've always been this way, and seem to want to keep the tradition.

I could hop in a 1 series or hop into an Alpina B7, and still have a good handle on what controls what. Its clean, simple, and well put together (even though it's allegedly a good bit of hard plastic).