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Video- Thunderhill West M235i

I'm sure someone might enjoy or benefit from seeing this footage of my car on the West track at Thunderhill Park. My OBD module was a bit behind the footage and I'm not sure how acuarate the throttle reading or speeds really were.

Had a great time and it's my first time putting the M235 on the track. No real complaints and extremely impressed to have a car that rides so well to and from the track. Looks fantastic, and still has the ability to hang with several fully prepped track cars.

The PSS tires are a great tire but have issues with rolling in corners especially if the temperatures get outside of optimal ranges. The factory LSD shines on the track and if you plan to do much track time it's worth it. Brakes held up with no real evidence of fade. I wasn't trying to fry them to be fair. I like this car and it's not like fully prepped cars I've had in the past where I'd beat them relentlessly.

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