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Intelligent Safety, don't think it's working

so, not sure if this has ever worked,

I have apparently

544 Cruise Control With Braking Function
5AS Driving Assistant

So the only thing that happens when a car cuts in front of me or I get too close is a get the red car symbol in the dash, and bugger all else. The symbol at some stage is supposed to flash and sound an alarm, I mean even if it doesnt brake , I don't know unless I'm looking at the dashboard. It's on, as the switch shows green

with cruise control, same thing, doesnt brake.

I've looked in the manual (see below) I set the idrive all things to on and early detection, but nothing ? any ideas

Approach control warning
Depending on the equipment, the approach
control warning system consists of one of the
two systems:
▷ Approach control warning with City light
braking function, refer to page 133.
▷ Approach control warning with light braking
function, refer to page 136

The system sounds a warning before an imminent
collision and actuates brakes independently,
if needed.
The automatic braking intervention is done
with limited force and duration.
A camera in the area of the rearview mirror
controls the system.
The approach control warning is available even
if cruise control has been deactivated.

Symbol Measure
Symbol lights up red: prewarning.
Brake and increase distance.

Symbol flashes red and an acoustic
signal sounds: acute warning.

Brake and make an evasive maneuver,
if necessary.
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