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Originally Posted by Funnysora View Post
My service advisor told me my 2020 X7 has idrive 6 and it can't get upgraded and can't get OTA update? I am so confused ...

Your service adviser is wrong, shame on him - imho this should be basic knowledge for a sales advisor. There has never been a G05/G06/G07 with ID6, as they came with ID7 from the beginning!
If i were you, I would tell him this!

Furthermore I think it is cool that the frequency of the OTA updates seems to be increasing. I don't know, but i feel like no matter what is beeing announced by BMW, the first instinctive reaction here, has just to be negative.
I mean what do you expect? Do you need a fart app so badly? Or twitch?() Maybe some here really need to just change the brand - try to get happy with Merc, Audi, Tesla, or what ever, might give you more peace of mind. And thats not ment in a polemical way - these are interesting and maybe more than adequate alternatives. I just can't see the point sticking with a brand wich doesn't satisfy you the way it should.

Sorry for the grumbling, but I feel like I am loosing the interest in reading through the forums, because you already know that half of the comments are all about complaining about everything - that should not be the purpose of a bimmer the BMW community really dying?

Regarding the Update:
- Login by MyBMW App:
This is nice. I have a pretty long password and change my passwords also pretty often. Typing in the password over the Screen is pretty annoying.

- Alexa integration:
Also nice, as I have several devices at home controlled with Alexa. I assume that I will be able to controle everything out from the car

- M Laptimer:
Very cool, I am missing it in my M340i, while I have (the old Version?) it in the M4C. Verry curious to see how it will look like.

- Activce Navigation:
Looking forward to see if it also improves the issue that the Distance and lane change assistant is operating far to defensive currently.
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