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The vast majority of time when reading posts here I roll my eyes at the sheer stupidity being displayed.

This set of posts however might take the cake.

It's as if no one here has any knowledge of history before today or any knowledge of the world outside of their talk radio bubble. You may want to read about French history a little and see how totally in line with the French character this all is. These events are literally one of the defining traits of the French along with arrogance, bread and philosophers.

France has always had a push and pull balance between the people and the government many times resulting in violent clashes or even a very bloody revolution. It's quite literally a part of the French national DNA. These types of events happen every few years.

But as usual the idiots here transpose their own strange beliefs onto a given situation. It reminds me when similarly violent protests with burning cars were happening during the 2016 election rhetoric. There weren't too many Mexicans in Paris, so the morons here figured out a way to blame muslims for it. Of course you have to roll your eyes as these geniuses didn't realize that the French burn cars every 6 months. Fast forward to 2018 and muslims are pase so the new boogeyman for you idiots is to blame is socialism.

While you are on a roll, you might as well blame socialism for Germans liking beer or the British for bad teeth
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