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Remember with fwd the front tires are doing double duty steering the car and acceleration.
1st fwd tend to under steer/ push more when you over drive into a corner. Sensation of the front of the car sliding straight off the road in a turn
2nd hard braking through a turn never a good idea in any platform fwd or rwd but fwd tend to unload badly and again want to leave the road this time usually backwards.
3rd hard throttle inputs in fwd the front gets light and it feels like its on ice might even feel the car sliding left or right.
With rwd a lot of the negative that happen with a fwd are less. Under hard acceleration the rear tires will start to loose traction and the car will have a squirming feel from the rear end. Rwd platforms have a tendency to oversteer this results in the car pivoting around the front and sliding off the road backwards.
The best advice would be a driving school to take the car out and learn the dynamics of the car in a safe environment. This will help you understand proper driving techniques and recovery methods if the car gets out of shape
Here is another good article