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What do you think I can expect to be different in this car compared to my old one?
Probably just about everything. Way more power and grip, and nearly totally different driving dynamics. You'll also notice that your jaw is hurting from smiling so much.

Originally Posted by pollojul View Post
Should I have any special care with my driving?

Is it easy for a non-expert driver to lose control and crash driving in Sport+?
Think of it as learning a totally new style of driving. If you can get to a local HPDE, that would be best, or study up on advice from Ross Bentley or other reliable sources. If you have the option, fitting some crap tires for a while, so that you are able to work with slip-angles and traction loss at lower speeds. I'd keep it in Sport until you have some experience - there is still TCS active in Sport+, but not as much.