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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
Also, as far as I'm concerned BMW never really took advantage of the opportunity to (re-)capture the enthusiasts' heart with the 1er, given that they are very much set on turning the 3er into the 5er of two generations ago.

Wouldn't it be only logical to then turn the 1er into something more like the old-school 3er, with more engaging dynamics, less insulation / weight, and more aggressive chassis tuning? But that's not what BMW has done, instead they seem to be very much focused on making sure the 1er DOESN'T drive like a small car that it is.
Reviews generally stated the older 1 series to be up there with the best in terms of driver involvement which I'm sure has only been improved upon in the latest iteration. Most don't want a hardcore performance car but want 'eco-modes', soft suspension (to counter run-flats), cheaper maintenance costs etc. Performance junkies had the 130i and soon to arrive M135i. And as to dumping internal insulation - no thanks, I'd rather have it to further supress any inevitable rattles and creaks. When the 1 series goes FWD, then things change from a more driver-focussed car, granted. But there would be lower drivetrain power loss, and better fuel economy, lower emissions. Plus no transmission tunnel knocking out a 5th occupant - unless this has been improved upon in current iteration. This is what the target market generally wants.