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The M235i really looks brilliant.

The options are confusing in regard to the suspensions and the brakes (be it, I am a bit slow) and I would prefer a car with a fixed suspension and steering ratio.... Or maybe I wouldn't since I haven't driven anything other than an 2012 550 xi with 'active roll bars' or whatever they called it and active steering. That car was a yacht and a rocket ship at the same time, good lord.

I still feel like a 228i m sport (why not M228i?) with a stick is the hot ticket. Lighter front end gobs of torque ect. I can't recall if the 228i with m sport kit has a fixed suspension. The sales guys in the US have a tough job ahead learning all the different combinations! And this car will be available as an xi come summer! When's the vert coming.. and the sedan...wagon?! lol

This car is just about the size of an e46 (remember when the body code was the same for sedan, coupe, wagon and vert?) so why not a sedan and wagon for the new 2er? I guess I should be careful what I wish for... they'd send us a 228i sedan/wagon xi/auto only lol!

So yeah, the 2er is a win, just give the enthusiasts what we want