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Originally Posted by lichenlt View Post
I just recently switched insurance companies. I don't remember them asking for this info. Do you just tell them that your car is equipped with advanced safety equipment and negotiate a lower premium?
Haven't fully inquired yet, but most insurance companies seem to agree this will reduce accidents.

Originally Posted by buumer View Post
Is this the full brake one or just a warning? Really sucks that this is rolled into almost 4k of options. One also has to wonder how a 2014 BMW can't even be optioned with adaptive cruise control. This stuff made its way to the cheapest subarus...
Page 104 in the manual seems to suggest that it will intervene (warning / pre-engagement of full brake force) up to performing a complete stop. This is for both vehicle and pedestrian detection at speeds between 3 and 35mph.

I agree. Things like blind spot detection should be standard. This as well. ABS isn't an option because it reduces accidents, but I suppose there was a time when it may have been?