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Originally Posted by f22_bbb View Post
255 is absolutely doable with camber plates. I'm running 255 squared for both my track and street setup with a combination of spacers and the Vorshlag camber plates and Dinan Lowering Springs, which I think lowers the front by 0.5" and rear by 1". My camber currently is -2.4 Front, -2.1 Rear

Track setup:
-Apex EC-7R 17x9 ET42 wrapped in 255/40r17 (Nitto NT01) squared.
-Spacers: 10mm F, 5mm R
*Used to run 12mm F but there were major rubbing on the outside front fender area on hard corners. Switched to 10mm and all is well. Planning to bump up the camber to 3 deg for next track season*

Street setup:
-Apex Arc-8 18x8.5et45 wrapped in 255/35-18 (the et 35,38 is a much better option and more popular. I just went with 45 because that's all they had at the time. would go 38 or 35 if I could change)
-Spacers: 15mm F, 5mm R
*Rubbing is happening somewhere inside the wheel well on bumps. Never had this issue when I did 245 squared w/ Michelin PSS. Currently the 255s are Falken Azenis FK150. I measured and the actual width is almost 270. They run very large for some reason. Any other 255 probably wouldn't rub at all.*
Maybe a dumb question, but can you run square 18x8.5s ET45 (looking at APEX ARC-8s right now) with 245/35-18 tires on stock suspension without rubbing? I'll need to buy a new set of summer tires this spring and would prefer to go to a square setup if I can. Would like to avoid running spacers but will if I have to. Don't want to get into camber plates or any other suspension modifications just yet, but may consider it later down the road.
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