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Originally Posted by cooolone2 View Post
Nice vid... But here's some more (to add) for the lunatics like me...

*Wheels first, but no finish touches until car is complete

1. Deluge rinse first with free glowing hose
2. Power rinse
3. Spray foam and let sit 5-10mins but don't let dry on paint
(No wash yet)
4. Repeat #1 & #2
5. Repeat #3, sit 5 mins and mit wash, 2 buckets with mesh ramps
6. Repeat #1 & #2, but add a rinse with deionized water if you have that setup to prevent any hard water spots or unclean finish
7. Do all jams with wet soapy but not dripping microfiber
8. Air dry (power) if not, skip
9. Towel wipe, no - to little - pressure with paint application, boost or whatever you like while drying to provide low friction drag.
10. finish wheels and rubber
11. Glass

If there's any bugs or other contaminants, after step #3 they're attacked

2 years on and paint still looks great, very little if any artifacts introduced other than unavoidable chips and such. But hey, it's all good. Thanks for posting and don't mind my obsessiveness, lol
Jeez the way you clean I'm sure your car will still look brand new 30 years later hahaha
Appreciate 1