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Originally Posted by danieltrillo View Post

I just purchased my new car, a 2014 BMW M235i! I'm very excited to be apart of the BMW family now. Got it from a trusted friend.

The car shows "Emergency Call Malfunction" on the dash anytime the car is on. My friend told me that the battery in the headliner needed to be replaced. I've been trying to research the web to see what the part number is so that I can purchase it, but I have not been able to find it.

If anyone has the part number for that, that would be awesome!

Not sure if your car is eligible for BMW's Technology Upgrade, few threads on the forum if you search. That may be worth looking into as it is completely paid for just take the car into dealer. You will get a new 4g module installed and I am sure they would fix any SOS button issue you have along the way if it's related to a communications error or whatever.

If you are not eligible, and you get your button working anyway, I believe the older 3g service is due to get cut off by January of 2022.
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