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Originally Posted by Maynard View Post
Cool video, I'll have to check out your others; that ceramic coat gives a fantastic gloss. You are just down the road from me, perhaps I'll see you at a GVC meet, if things ever open up. A couple of suggestions from my routine, perhaps unnecessary if you have the ceramic coat (I try to clear the worst crap before using the mitt):
- good to use 2 bucket system ; I use a 3rd with just a little water for the wheels since it gets so gritty.
- wash inner wheel wells after wheels
- knock off the worst dirt from the lower areas and don't get it on your nice mitt;
use a separate rag/mitt to wash rockers and wheel arches; door sills (engine compartment if I'm really thorough), rear lower bumper, front and mirror bugzones;
then do top-down (roof, hood/trunk, sides). Long linear strokes, no swirling.
- If I'm in hot sun (usually) I need to rinse each area, or it will dry the soap on.
- I learned that, in the winter, latex exam gloves work like a wetsuit and keep you from getting frostbite (you do continue this through the winter so your neighbors know you are totally nuts, right? ).
Thanks for the comment and the tips! I didn't show it on camera due to time, but I did have three buckets rolling. Totally agree with you on the winter cleans! When it gets cold, I will also use warm water in my wash bucket -- cold water makes washing absolutely miserable, and warm water takes a lot of the edge off. I will also cheat at times and take the car to the spray wash. Little Optimum MDR in my pump sprayer works well to loosen up the road salt, and then I'll follow up with a rinseless wash in the garage when I get back. Also really love that they use hot water in the sprayers here. It also doesn't hurt to hide the fact that we ARE totally nuts sometimes!

I actually just did a follow-up video on wheels. Mine stay pretty clean, so I used one of my in-laws' cars. Here's the link to that one:

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