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Well you posted on a public forum so you should be prepared for varying types of comments. This isn't Facebook.

We understand that you're busy, had a long day/week, etc., but it's not a valid excuse to allow the dealer to push you through the inspection and buying process. Short of buying a house, buying a car is usually the second largest purchase for most people and it's boggling to me that people can spend so little time before pulling the trigger on something so expensive.

Also, there is a high probability that the taillight failure occurring shortly after purchase was simply coincidence. If the taillight was broken when you bought the car, the DME would throw a CEL within a minute of starting the car as it runs through the system checks. You can't clear these codes in hopes of them to only return hours after buying the car. The CELs will show back up nearly instantly.

You bought an out of warranty BMW and should be prepared to address issues. These cars aren't perfect.

Also, if the car cost you every penny how did you manage to buy a couple grand worth of mods for it right away? I assume the taillight is now fixed?
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