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Install and use Ista and it will diagnose that for you, it will also run a test plan, give you wiring diagrams.

You also didn't say what you had or hadn't done.

Always best to tell us your level and what you have done.

If your using a basic OBD device on a BMW instead of Ista kinda tell's me where your at.

The error is saying there is an issue with the harness, either open or short circuit, but of course it could be a number of things which is why you need to run a test plan with ista and or break out a DVM, again, were looking at a pic of you holding a OBD2 device asking what is this, with no other info ?

Also you still haven't said what you have or haven't done, so, I'm still one the wiser

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Thanks smart google user���� gave me the most basic answer. Obviously I checked google but was looking for something a little more elaborate
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