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DIY: Removing Sunvisor Decals

I can't stand looking at the unsightly Sunvisor Warning Decals so I thought I would create a little how-to for others showing what I feel is the easiest way to remove them. (WARNING: Remove OEM warning stickers and mattress labels at your own risk. Death, injury and hefty fines may result.)

Items needed:
-91% Isopropal Alcohol (70% is not strong enough)
-Small sponge
-Plastic pry tool
-T20 Torx driver

1. Using pry tool carefully unsnap the hinged screw cover.

2. Remove screw with Torx driver

3. The hinge is now loose but must be rotated forward and pulled out of the rectangular mounting hole. Note electrical connector that is snapped into the side of the hinge.

4. Pull the electrical connector free from the hinge. Now unsnap the two halves of the connector and remove the visor from the car.

5. Soak the sponge in the alcohol and soak the decal. Be patient. Keep it wet. You can even walk away for a couple minutes if you desire. After 3-5 minutes the decal will start to shrink and loosen.

6. Scratch a corner loose with your fingernail and start to slowly pull upwards. Keep soaking the decal as you pull. Work slowly, the goal is to pull the decal off in one piece. It will all pull off in about 1-2 minutes.

7. You will end up with the entire sticker shriveled up in one piece with no residue left on the visor.

8. Much better!
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