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BimmerTech Mirroring Unit Installation and Review

Hey guys,

If you read my other thread where I installed and reviewed the BimmerTech front and rear retrofit kit, I made a reference to a new product that they would be selling soon that integrates nicely as well. The product is a mirroring device that sets up a WiFi hotspot in your car that you can connect to via your iOS or Android device and wirelessly mirror or send audio/video to your car system. I was originally going to buy this unit but after BimmerTech saw my original review they offered to send me this new unit to test and review for them before they begin selling it. It should be for sale on their website in the near future.

The unit is pretty small and was very easy to install if you already have the BimmerTech camera integration unit, which is also a mandatory component. The reason why it is required is because the camera integration unit also provides 3 extra A/V Inputs as well as an A/V Output.

You can find the review to the camera integration unit here:

I wanted this product so that I could wirelessly stream Google Maps from my iPhone to the car screen and audio system because no navigation beats google maps right?!?! I guess I could also use this to play movies stored on my iPhone while I am driving a long distance or something. Really this is the perfect add-on for those who didn't opt for the Nav unit in their 2 series but still want on screen nav + more.

I would give the ease of installation a 10/10 considering you would have already installed the camera integration unit previously.

The video quality is quite good. Keep in mind you are digitally streaming over WiFi, which is then being converted to Analog signals, which is then being sent through another unit to reach the don't expect HD or something ridiculous like that. It is perfect for Google Maps, and movies look decent on it as well. 8/10 for quality.

I did find that iOS 8 has placed some DRM limitations on AirPlay recently. You can't stream YouTube and some other DRM enabled applications over AirPlay. Android doesn't have this limitation.

The flickering in the video is from my GoPro, not from the screen. Looks fine in person.

Here are the installation and results videos:

Hope you guys like the videos.

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