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      05-29-2014, 06:02 PM   #1
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Arrow Tuningwerk Taxi ride(s) Nordschleife Nürburgring GP

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We ride in Tuningwerk's 1M and M235i on the Nordschleife Nürburgring GP courses...

Recently our friend's over at asked me IF I would like to come to the Nordschleife to sample some of their products. I asked if they were kidding... because this is like CHRISTMAS DAY to any car (loving)guy!! Why sure, I would LOVE to come! A few days later I found myself in the pit paddock of Nordschleife Grand Prix course. A great place to be! Tuningwerk brought their 720 Hp 1M and their 444 Hp M235i. You might remember their M235i from this thread...

First Look and Taste of the Tuningwerk M235i Beast

When I traveled to Nürburgring, I asked a friend of mine Swadeness and fellow Euro 1Addict to join me. We both had no idea how Epic this day would be for both of us! The guys at Tuningwerk could not have been nicer to us. And their drivers really did not hold back on the driving. In fact I was not really prepared on how brutal it would be. Its quite eye opening.

I have been to numerous HPDE in the states. And we both have been to the 'Ring on many occasions before driving out on own cars or as a passenger in a 'Ring Taxi(F10 M5), but NOTHING will prepare you for a ride(!) in a race spec car on the 'Ring. The G's you pull, not just lateral but positive and negative is really mind blowing. For myself the neg to pos G's going thru Adenau was a really weird feeling. On my ride in their 1M I saw just over 303 kph on the straights. And the oil temp never rose over 120' C(middle of) the oil temp gauge.

My first ride was in the 730 PS 1M driven by Hannes Mahler - and WHAT a ride it was! Just going into that first hair pin turn on the Grand Prix section... on tv it looks dead flat... but in real life it sweeps down hill into the apex, then just before it, the road drops further down, then it gets a little bit bumpy. But Hannes knew that... and he just aimed the little 1M for the apex, then slid the car sideways and let the semi-slicks do the rest! It was awesome! We were clearly in THE fastest car at the 'Ring. By a large margin. As one guy from the team said; "...with the M235i your fast... you can take(pass) 85% of the cars out there(on the track)... it's a beast. But with the 1M... you ARE the fastest(!) and it IS a BEAST! You are the king!!" ...And you know what... he couldn't have been more right!!!

Hannes Mahler was the driver for the 1M...

After our last story on's cars - a lot of people asked me which engine parts were modified and how much does it cost. Both cars were tuned to use German pump gas, not race gas! Normally that's 98 octane SuperPlus but it is possible to buy Shell V-Max 100 or Aral Ultimate 102 octane fuel - so that's what these cars were tuned to run on. Bellow is all the technical details for both cars... if you guys have any questions just ask and I will try to answer them.

M235i RS

2979ccm, 6Zyl. TwinScroll Turbo, manuelles Getriebe
444PS (327kW) bei 600Nm
V.max open
Leergewicht mit vollem Tank 1.490kg

Verbaute, Tuningwerk eigene Teile:
- TW Breitbau
- TW Frontlippe, Heckdiffusor und Heckspoiler aus Carbon
- TW Design
- TW Kühlerkit, bestehend aus Hauptkühler, Ölkühler und zusätzlichem Kühlmittelkühler, sowie 850W Lüfter
- Optional Wärmetauscher
- TW Einmassenschwungrad mit Sportkupplung
- TW Midpipe, beseitigt Engstelle am Flexelement
- TW Edelstahl Endschalldämpfer mit Klappensteuerung und Carbon Tailpipes, einmalig tiefer Sound
- TW Bremsanlage mit Brembo Komponenten und geändertem Setup des DSC/ABS Steuergerätes
350x34er Stahlscheiben Brembo Racing, VA 6Kolben Bremssattel, HA Serie, VA und HA Stahlflexleitungen
- TW Schmiede Felgen VA, 7,1Kg HA 7,4Kg (für Serienfahrzeuge ohne Breitbau) VA 8,5x18", HA 9x18"
mit Dunlop SportMaxx RT, VA 235/40R18 HA 265/35R18
- TW Sitzschienen für Recaro PolePosition
- TW Heckausbau, optional mit Überollkäfig und 6Punktgurten
- TW modifizierte Alu-Ölwanne
- Uniball Achselemente
- TW Setup /alternativ Tuningbox
- Optional geänderter Turbolader

Sonstige verbaute Teile
- Radkombination für Breitbau, BBS Racing 3teilig, VA 10x18" HA 10,5x18" mit Dunlop Direzza, VA 265/35R18, HA 285/30R18
- Sitze, Recaro PolePosition
- KW ClubSport 3fach Fahrwerk, optional auch KW Competition Fahrwerke
- Optional Karosserieversteifung und Zusatzstreben
- Zündkerzen mit höherem Wärmewert
- geänderte Luftführung
- BMW M-Performance Interieur mit M- Performance Lenkrad II
- großer Ladeluftkühler
- Drexler Differential-Sperre mit TW Setup

Price from 65.000,-- €

(Customer Edt. deutlich leichter als das Eventfahrzeug) Customer cars are lighter and even faster than the car we tested at the 'Ring. Note the faster acell times bellow!
Sehr wartungfreundlich, Langsteckenrennen geeignet

- 3.060ccm, 6Zyl. BiTurbo
- 720PS (530kW) mit 100 Octane Benzin mit 922Nm Max. Drehmoment
- Gewicht EventCar: 1.430kg mit vollem Tank
- Gewicht CustomerCars: 1.280kg mit vollem Tank und Vollkäfig aus CroMo

- 2 x Tuningwerk Stage 2 Turbos
- geänderte, teilweise keramikbeschichtete Lüftführung
- TW Carbon Airbox mit Carbon-Reinluftrohren
- TW Kühlerpakte, bestehend aus großem Hauptkühler, geänderter Lüfterzarge,
2gr. Ölkühler, und Race Intercooler und anderem Wärmetauscher.
- Öl u. Kraftstoffpumpe, Injektoren
- Kolben, Pleuel, Kurbelwelle, Nockenwelle und überarbeiteter Zylinderkopf /Ventile, sowie Auslässe
- geänderte Ölwanne
- geänderte Zündung
- Tuningwerk Achsteile mit Uniball, 2cm längerer Radstand, Motor
- Hinterachträger BMW Motorsport
- Getriebe und Hinterachgetriebe (mit Lamellensperre) sind überarbeitet und lange Haltbarkeit zu gewährleisten
- Optionale Übersetzungen von 3.15 Serie bis 4.10
- Vollkäfig (Eventcar Halbkäfig)
- Carbonteile: Dach (bei Vollkäfig), Motorhaube, Kofferraumdeckel, Türen(bei Vollkäfig), Innenverkleidungen
- TW- Frontlippe und Diffusor
- Carbon Heckflügel, verstellbar für optimale Downforce
- Sitze Racaro PolePosition Carbon oder optional jede andere Schale
- BBS Racing Felgen 3teilig, oder Tuningwerk Schmiederäder VA 10x18" HA 11x18"
- Reifen: Street: DunlopSportMaxx RT, Semi: Dunlop Direzza, Slicks: Michelin / VA 265/35R18 HA 295/30R18
Slicks VA 27/65-18, HA 30/65-18
- Tuningwerk HighPerformance Breaksystem inklusive DSC/ABS Setup, VA 380x34 Brembo Racing, 6Kolbensattel,
Beschleunigung Eventfahrzeug mit Strassenreifen, Dunlop SportMaxx Race 19" VA 255/35R19 HA 285/30R19
CustomerCars sind etwas schneller, da geringeres Gewicht.

0-100km/h = 3.0 Sek /mit Semiswarm Customer Car 2,7Sek
0-200km/h = 8.5 sek / mit Semis warm Customer Car 7,9Sek
V.max bei 3.45er Hinterachsübersetzung ca. 310km/h /mit 3.15 Serienübersetzung ca. 330km/h bei 7300u/min
Bremsweg kalt: 100km/h auf 0 = 35m (11,0m/s²)
Bremsweg warm: 100km/h auf 0 = 33,2m (11,6m/s²) - 200km/h auf 0 = 127,3m (12,1m/s²)

Bremswerte mit Semi od. Slicks sind besser. z.B. Dunlop Direzza 265/295x18 = 200km/h - 0km/h warm 119,1m

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iTrader: (1) is also doing the engine and electronics for a novel new lightweight sports car. They use a N54 (320 PS) mounted transversely in the middle/rear of their cf tubed car. It's RWD and it weighs less than 950 Kg's. 0-100 kph is 3.9 sec's. Have a look...

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      06-01-2014, 01:48 PM   #4
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Stunning !
Thanks for sharing !
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Incredible, great videos, that 1M is manic!

My Garage Pics
///M235i M Performance Previous F10 520D / E84 X1 2.0D / E70 X5 3.0D / E60 520D / E46 330D / E46 328i
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Great to see the new and the old, side by side.
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      06-01-2014, 02:51 PM   #7
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That was truly an awesome ride in the 1M.Looks like you had a spectacular day.Thanks for the fantastic videos and pics.
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      06-01-2014, 02:57 PM   #8
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Lord, that 235 looks amazing
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      06-01-2014, 04:04 PM   #9
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Totally amazing. Thanks for posting!
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      06-01-2014, 04:09 PM   #10
aiming for 450.....
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Both cars are amazing, and FAST!! At the last SportAuto Tuner GP held at Hockenheim Grand Prix Circuit, both cars came in 2nd (1M) and 3rd (M235i) in their competition group at the event. Using the "Kleiner Kurs" which SportAuto magazine uses to test all the cars, the M235i with cold tires and having survived a damage to the suspension the day prior in free practice, posted a 1:11.4 to place it 3rd in it's class where it was behind the Tuningwerk's 1M and an Audi TTRS from APR.

During free practice the 1M posted a 1:10.8 placing it at 10th out of 46 entries in the event. The closest M235i was from Versus Performance posting a 1:14 around the track in practice and they were no where close to either Tuningwerk car. Manhart came to play but left that Friday after posting a 1:15.5 in practice. Reason why they left is unknown.

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Nic can't wait to see your coverage/pics (and Thomas's) of the Tuner GP!
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So lucky! Thanks for sharing!
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Originally Posted by HP Autosport
Great to see the new and the old, side by side.
Blistering lap nice to see solid driving and a really cool car too !

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      06-01-2014, 10:43 PM   #15
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The lap in the 1M was breathtaking! I watched it while holding my laptop at an angle so the track was straight. I don't know how you didn't piss your pants several times!

What's better than 'awesome'??? i need a thesaurus!
2013 328i M Sport
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      06-02-2014, 12:16 AM   #16
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Thanks for sharing amazing stuff
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      06-02-2014, 02:28 AM   #17
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Thank's Dackelone for sharing.
Now I know what to do with my 1M :-)
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      06-02-2014, 07:13 AM   #18
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Amazing time and thanks for sharing it Dackelone!

Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don't have film.
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      06-02-2014, 07:35 AM   #19
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Baddest M235i EVAAAAAARRRRR!!!!
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2009 335i  [4.39]
Very interesting write-up, thanks for that.

Great to see a tuner takes both those cars to the max, meaning not for dragracing but on a real road course.

I believe that both engines are entirely built, aren't they? For the 1M I'm sure about this, but I assume that also applies to the M 235i.

65K € is quite something, you can get an entire sportscar for that price...but then not everyone would necessarily need all components anyhow. Does make me think however that the circle of potential customers will be rather small.
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      06-02-2014, 09:44 AM   #21
1 day...
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thank you for my automotive monday morning boner!.

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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post

I believe that both engines are entirely built, aren't they? For the 1M I'm sure about this, but I assume that also applies to the M 235i.
Yes, I believe that's correct. Both motors are "built". The TW guys told me that N55's starting from the 435i and 235i are made from better parts. ie not cheap cast pistons like used in past N55's. But still... you can't really go beyond the 410 PS level without getting into the engine. Their 730 PS 1M monster has 30K of track use without any internal engine work. That's quite something I think.

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