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Originally Posted by formula M View Post

I think BMW M division can make cars like the 1M coupe (@ $47k) and make oodles of cash if you'd make them available here, & commit to their existence.

So, why spoil the brand with a SUV/SAV first mentality.. plus, wtf do they (sav/suv) have to do with motosports? <-- ??

Coincidentally, Americans have an inaugural Grand Prix to goto next year... wtf are we suppose to drive? BMW SUV/SAV? Or, an Audi/Porsche.? Fly? (A used 1M coupe?)

Lastly, as suggested many times over.. BMW M needs to stop thinking with bean counters & let the engineers loose. If the M-Division of BMW has not actually (internally) started engineering the new M cars in their Lab, then a fear BMW is trying to use M brand for diluted purpose... while we wait for the heritage to return.

How does the X1M & X3M contribute anything... they dilute everything. Your marketeering is sapping off the M brand, which means even more diluted M sauce.

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