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Personally, I think the idea of an M2 with a crazy FI 4 cylinder would be awesome! The lighter, the better!!! I loved my 4-banger Subaru almost as much as I love my e46 (when it came to driving it...nevermind the super cheap interior). I was not happy when the ex-wife took it...but I digress...

BMW does amazing things with their engines when they put their time and creative juices into it. Luckily for us, the marketing dept doesn't have as much sway on the engineering for the engines as they do on everything I am fairly confident that their new FI 4 cylinder will be well worth it. I would be very temped to get the z4 with the new engine except I know marketing is going to keep the price high because it is in a 4 and a 4 needs to cost more than a 3. It won't keep me from test driving one tho...

Now lets just hope that they don't go with the ugly drawing in the main post and instead make the 2 as sexy as the z4's crossed with the awesomeness of the 3 coupes. Hell, I even like the attached photoshop'ed M3 above.