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Originally Posted by formula M View Post
So basically, no need to consider BMW for another 3+ years..?

I think BMW M is off their rocker, if you believe people are going to wait 3~4 years for another 1 Series M coupe! I have been holding off since the day the E90 M3 hit Erhard's floor plan, only to test drive it an walk away dumbfounded and laughing.

And to think, I sold my E46 in anticipation for the bloated, fat, lengthy, noisy E90 M3...

Minus the 500 Americans that got a 1M, are you saying that most Americans have to wait 8+ years to by a proper M car..? Mind you, if I could import a Euro model (of any BMW) then it wouldn't be so bad.

Tell you the truth, I feel disrespected as a life-long BMW enthusiast. If the F20 hatches are coming, are you saying BMW-M engineers don't already have one & are not rapid prototyping CF roof, Cf body panels & working the suspension's kinematics, etc.. right now?

If, no... then why not?

Coincidentally, I think it is a slap in the face, for BMW M to be worried about SUV & SAV, when their resources could be directed at proper M car (ie: Clubsport) so enthusiasts (& Americans) can go Clubbing, knowing we have a catalog of BMW Motosports division supporting us with parts.

Instead, BMW pushes M SUVs... as the world waits for another CAR..?

If they can make the 1 Series M coupe in 9 months, I am sure by this time next year there could be a F20 M clubsport hatch..! But obviously, those engineers are off worrying about racing a 5,300lbs SUV around the ring..?

The Motosport division has lost focus. There should be immediate focus on M CARS for sale. To me, the current M3 is a bastard 4.0 8-cylinder meant for non-enthusiast yuppies, who get excited about a 181" long, 3,700lbs M3... lol)

I fear the //Marketing arm of BMW has taken over & the heart of BMW M as a Motor Sport division is defunct!

Perhaps that is why Dr Kay Segler left? (where is the speech from the new guy?)
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