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Originally Posted by formula M View Post
So basically, no need to consider BMW for another 3+ years..?

I think BMW M is off their rocker, if you believe people are going to wait 3~4 years for another 1 Series M coupe! I have been holding off since the day the E90 M3 hit Erhard's floor plan, only to test drive it an walk away dumbfounded and laughing.

And to think, I sold my E46 in anticipation for the bloated, fat, lengthy, noisy E90 M3...

Minus the 500 Americans that got a 1M, are you saying that most Americans have to wait 8+ years to by a proper M car..? Mind you, if I could import a Euro model (of any BMW) then it wouldn't be so bad.

Tell you the truth, I feel disrespected as a life-long BMW enthusiast. If the F20 hatches are coming, are you saying BMW-M engineers don't already have one & are not rapid prototyping CF roof, Cf body panels & working the suspension's kinematics, etc.. right now?

If, no... then why not?

Coincidentally, I think it is a slap in the face, for BMW M to be worried about SUV & SAV, when their resources could be directed at proper M car (ie: Clubsport) so enthusiasts (& Americans) can go Clubbing, knowing we have a catalog of BMW Motosports division supporting us with parts.

Instead, BMW pushes M SUVs... as the world waits for another CAR..?

If they can make the 1 Series M coupe in 9 months, I am sure by this time next year there could be a F20 M clubsport hatch..! But obviously, those engineers are off worrying about racing a 5,300lbs SUV around the ring..?

The Motosport division has lost focus. There should be immediate focus on M CARS for sale. To me, the current M3 is a bastard 4.0 8-cylinder meant for non-enthusiast yuppies, who get excited about a 181" long, 3,700lbs M3... lol)

I fear the //Marketing arm of BMW has taken over & the heart of BMW M as a Motor Sport division is defunct!

Perhaps that is why Dr Kay Segler left? (where is the speech from the new guy?)
One thing I must make abundantly clear. Is that in order for BMW M to sustain and expand itself it needs products that can follow with some high profit margins and sell in "volume" for M.

BMW X5M and BMW X6M have markets because they appeal to a certain type of enthusiast. BMW X5M and BMW X6M are considered to be Volume models within BMW M because they sell at a higher volume than current and previous M cars.

For if projects like M-One and M-Two are to come to the market , then they will need support in order to do so. X5M and X6M have contributed to some of BMW's latest models such as the BMW 1er M Coupe.

BMW X3M and BMW X1M will contribute to the future of M.
If you take the CRT M3 it shows progress but it shows you where BMW M is in regarding using CFRP in a cost effective manner. BMWi3 and BMWi8 will spearhead the volume production of CFRP when it will become much easier to accomodate. And after BMWi gets the ball rolling BMW M is next to use the material technology.

Of course Pure M cars is not the only thing being considered in the sustainability of the brand there are other aspects such as accessories and lifestyle to accomodate.
It is known that some see X5M and X6M as too big and too expensive but would like a High performance SAV which is more affordable than the larger models.
Step 1.