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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I think they are getting confused regarding BMWM's sub-brand strategy - In which BMWi is a sub-brand with stand alone projects. So BMW M are deciding on something that does not come from BMW.
To illustrate further BMW's sub-brand strategy.

This strategy is called M-One and M-Two. - They are the codenames designated to the two concepts-
M-One is the larger (if you will) successor to the original M1 , and M-Two is the proposed Cayman fighter which I think they are talking about here. They are completely bespoke projects and although based and using powetrains from existing (future) M cars - They will not have a BMW twin. Just as there will not be a BMW i3 or i8 Twin in either BMW or the M Division.

The next BMW M2 - based on the BMW 2er will be a Coupe and Cabrio like before.

Of course in between and to fund these projects which will see BMWi share extensively with BMWM in relation to CFRP material technology.

BMWM are moving further on expansion with the requirement to fund M-One and M-Two with the BMW X3M and BMW M5 Touring now approved and at a BMW project evaluation event earlier this week a prototype BMW X1M. -
Although in a cannibalised form with half of the lower front missing and an experimental four cylinder with some new tricks , 2 lonely exhaust pipes and a wider track it was nothing to look at in this early form. But the sketches of the car in M format really use the design of the X1 especially the surface lines that surround the car to really add mass to the front and rear wheel arches.

BMW X5M and BMW X6M ARE considered within BMW to be "Volume sellers" as they outsell other M variants in the global market. The addition of the BMW X1M and BMW X3M will also bring BMW M another "volume seller" to the global market.

More later....
hey scottt Im just dreaming but nevertheless Ill tell you, BMW should take some clues from the pic below(which shouldnt be too hard as its based on an m3) and mix it with some clues from the m1 orange concept and you have a very fierce looking M-one. please tell M division that we want a very agressive and cool car, not that tech designs BMW is showing with the retro roadster and i8 they showed lately, those although good designs in their own way, wont stand a chance against the agressiveness of the r8.
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