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I don't mind the 5 and 6 splitting, but I think it is getting ridiculous to have models 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

Not to mention, the iconic M3 coupe will now be a M4. Unless they don't play by their own rules. And end up with a 3 series sedan, 4 series coupe, and M3 coupe with no M4. Also, if this new M3 is going to be revolutionary how the hell are they going to fit in development time for a M2 before 2014? I'd rather they stay focused and deliver a M3 with all that great CFRP tech.

It just feels overly forced. Not to mention poeple less informed will get confused between a 3 series - A4, 4 Series - A5, 5 series - A6.