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Originally Posted by DSTR
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If we buy cars for bargain, we all be driving prius or taking the bus/train. We buy what we can afford and what suits us.

We all love our m235i but to say you wouldnt take the M4 is just plain silly and biased. If the M3 price range wasnt that far from the m235i, I would of own that contest
Silly. Since when do we spend to suit you lol! I can afford the M4. I dont see the car the way others do. The 235i suits what I want. At 200kmph cruise Im not thinking I made a mistake lol. M4 is better to others but not to all.
When I say "suit us" I meant price point, practicality, etc...but this doesnt mean I'll pick my M235i over a M4, ferrari, lambo

You telling me the M235i is the better car cuz its more of a bargain and not that the M235i is the better car. We can all afford the M4 but I too choice the m235i cuz its a better bargain and "suits" me more...but I cant deny that the M4 is the better car

So back to the car review, this isnt a financial magazine but a car enthusiast mag so lets not compare cars for better bargain..comon now
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