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i suppose next year i could afford an m4 or something, but i just don't see it being worth that much more money.

i have a friend who is buying a yas marina f80 m3 in 2015 (when i plan on getting probably a m235). and he and i have been over this argument tons of times.

i could afford an m3, its not really a matter of if you could, but if its worth the money.
we make about the same money and i guess its all about priorities.

i'd almost assuredly get an automatic, and i know my friend is getting a DCT.

m235i which has DHP standard and a "free auto" transmission is $43k. an m3/m4 with DHP and DCT (i know its different, but its the "auto") is $68k. is the m3/m4 worth $25k, i guess it depends on if you want that $25k for other things. personally in LA i would guess it probably isn't unless you track your car a lot (which my friend i doubt will. but hey its a "real M"). I'd rather blow that $25k on rent, or vacations etc. my friend lives with his parents and never goes out. everyones got priorities, i'm sure we'll both be happy with our choices.