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Hi Fellow 2Addicts,

So heres a little background on me and my history with BMW. I got my first BMW just over 4 years ago. I ordered a Jet Black on Coral Red 2011 BMW 135i with DCT which was pretty much fully loaded shy of the variable steering option. I loved that car and had it for 4 years and 1 month until I traded it in this past weekend in anticipation for my 2 series which I ordered a few months ago.

I'd also like to make a shout out to Hugh Hencken at Fields BMW in Winter Park, FL. He made the experience of ordering and everything leading up to delivery an outstanding and seamless experience. Always willing to answer questions and change my order with no issue. If your looking to order in the Central Florida area, look no further than Hugh!

Heres the build for my M235i:
Black Sapphire Metallic
Leather Dakota Coral Red/ Black highlight
Driver Assistance Package
Driver Assistance Plus
Premium Package
Technology Package
Anti- Theft Alarm System
Heated Front Seats
Harman/Kardon Premium Sound
Manual Transmission

PIA (Port Installed BMW M Performance Parts):
Black Kidney Grilles
Stainless Steel Pedals
BMW Electronic Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber & Alcantara Trim
Carbon Fiber Brake Handle

I already have many other parts and plans waiting and/ or planned for the next few months which you can follow in this thread:

My dad and I shall be flying up to South Carolina on Thursday June 5th and will be picking up the car on the 6th. Very excited and will be taking lots of pictures and videos, which I will start posting here when I have them.

June 5th:
My dad and I arrived into Greenville/ Spartanburg airport at 6:30 PM and we called the Marriot like we were instructed to upon arrival and we were told that Mike would be by to pick us up in a silver X5. When we got out to the car it a really nice fully loaded brand new X5 3.5 diesel.

When we got to the hotel we were told to book a time slot for dinner at the in house restaurant. After dropping off our bags in the room we came back down and had a great dinner, on BMW's dime. We were told to be downstairs the following morning for an included breakfast at the same restaurant, we would be departing for the Performance Center at 7:45 with our bags after eating and checking out.

June 6th:
The morning of the 6th we ate breakfast and at 7:45 AM headed off to the Performance Center on a bus with other fellow "deliveriers". After about 10 minutes on the road we arrived and as we pulled in I got the first glimpse of my baby.

Upon arrival we went into the lobby with everyone else where we were greeted by the staff of the Performance Center

At this point after being welcomed and a roll call we were led to a room where we were told what we would be doing throughout the day and were briefed on the some of the safety features of our new cars. Then we were escorted outside to get into our track cars for the day. Everyone got a car "like" the one that they had come to pick up but not their actual car.

We were the led out to our first activity, the Skid Pad.

For this the three cars that were in the group with our instructor took turns going in the instructor's 335i with him and going not the skid pad (which can be seen in my video below). On the skid pad we were to turn off the traction control and basically give the car full throttle and spin out the car. Then we would switch traction control back on and give it another go, which would of course prevent us from spinning, which it did.

Setting up the Go Pro for the next event

Next we all got back in our cars and went over to do an Emergency Braking/ ABS test/ showcase. Basically we would line up at the start line and one at a time accelerate to a certain speed that we were told and basically were told to stop as hard as we could to trigger ABS when we reached these 2 cones at the end of the straight. Pretty basic and self explanatory, but still fun.

After this we headed to a short track where all 3 cars in our group were sent out on to the track evenly spaced and basically we drove around the track for about 4-5 laps. Didn't really take any pics here but did get some cool video, which again is included in the video below!

Next we went for a fast lap with an instructor driving an M5 which was pretty damn awesome! Definitely check this out in the video as well.

At this point the group was split in two. The first group, which we were a part of was to go take delivery of their cars, which the other group would head over to the off road course in the X5's and then to check out the museum which is located down the road, on property at the factors.

We were taken by our delivery specialist who was very helpful and walked me through the ins and outs of my new car!

Here we also dropped all of our bags in the car and of course my radar was the first thing I put in place for the drive back down

After this guided tour of the car and sorting things out such as setting up the satellite radio and calling BMW assist to set up my BMW assist account I was told to please move the car outside and park it up front so that they could get the next vehicle for delivery in that bay, for someone from the other group who would be picking up after lunch.

After heading back inside we went and grabbed some lunch, which was included as well.

Around 12:45 PM we were asked to head to the lobby where our group would meet to head out to get the X5's from the back to head over to the off road course. Much more than this one picture can be seen in the video. Its hard to see in the vid but these X5's are very capable compared at least to what I expected.

After this off road excursion we were directed out front to all jump in our cars and drive down the road lead by an X1 over to the museum located at the factory. The museum pretty cool. Lots of cool cars in there.

After finishing off in the museum we proceeded outside to head out but before leaving took advantage of where we were to get some cool shots of the car while it was still shiny and clean.

After heading out we drove down to Beaufort, South Carolina where we spent the night.

June 7th:
Saturday morning we left Beaufort and headed south towards Savannah where we stopped for lunch and then took a straight shot from there down to Orlando.

Overall we had an awesome experience and will for sure be doing this again on the next BMW. For no additional charge this is an amazing experience and a lot of fun. I urge any enthusiast out there to give this a try when they have a chance!

Video of the Weekend:
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