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Originally Posted by Vertigo//SD View Post
I think you can get track handling regardless of line for $2,200. It drops to $1,600 if you order with M-sport. I think it makes sense to get both.
Oh, yeah, I know.

But I'm looking at this through my own set of preferences.

For me, I'm not that concerned about the exterior appearance of the car. I was mainly considering the M Sport because that was the only way to get the M Sport brakes (well, the other option would be to get the M Performance brakes, but $2,300 is kind of hard to swallow for those).

Also, I would kind of like to keep the fog lights, which you lose with the M Sport Line.

Still, you can't get the sport seats without getting either a Sport Line or a M Sport Line, so I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do.