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Lightbulb BMW M Performance LSD for M235i, 335i, 435i Arrives. Pricing and technical FAQ inside

BMW M Performance LSD Arrives for M235i, 335i, 435i. Pricing and Technical FAQ.

M Performance Limited Slip Differential now in stock

May 8, 2014

Aftersales Business Development and Marketing is pleased to announce the return of the Limited Slip differential to select BMW vehicles! Designed and created due to popular demand, the mechanical Limited Slip Differential provides the extra performance advantage that true performance drivers desire. This differential utilizes 3 clutch plates for a total of 30% lockup on acceleration and 9% lockup on deceleration. This lockup provides instant power to the wheel that has the greatest amount of grip to gain better traction out of tight corners. An additional benefit in low-grip situations is that both wheels get equal power, meaning more forward driving force on roads with reduced traction.

Product Highlights / Benefits:

• Full replacement differential, no modification of existing differential necessary
• 30% lockup on acceleration, 9% on deceleration, developed specifically for the F2X and F3X chassis for optimal traction and smooth locking and unlocking characteristics.
• Integrates seamlessly with the vehicles’ DSC system, no coding necessary
• Better traction in inclement weather
• Superior warranty coverage
• 4 Year / 50K miles when purchased with a new vehicle
• 2 years or the balance of the new vehicle warranty, whichever is greater
• Adheres to rigorous BMW Group test standards
• MSRP pricing $2,895 (2 Series F22 M235i)
• MSRP pricing $2,995 (335i (F30) / 435i (F32))
• Can be port-installed eventually, but not currently. Due to the high install time and anticipated high demand, the first units have to be dealer installed.

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Technical FAQ:

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